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Birth to 21 years old

Dmitry Shindelman, CPNP

Anna Shindelman, MD

Welcome to Dmitry Pediatrics, where compassion meets knowledge! We are so proud to open our doors on July 23rd, 2021. Pediatrics is our deep passion and we are determined to leave no stones unturned to make your child's experience in our clinic joyful and memorable. Our experienced pediatricians Dmitry and Anna Shindelman will be happy to service your child of any age, from birth to 21 years old!

Again, WELCOME! We truly hope to see you soon at our new state of the art pediatric center!


Our Services

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Dmitry Pediatrics is a family-owned Pediatric Center which offers a warm environment coupled with modern ambiance. The clinic was founded by Dmitry Shindelman, who is a board-certified pediatric provider with 17 years of experience. At Dmitry Pediatrics we understand that you have choices when it comes to a pediatrician, and therefore we are determined to strive ever higher to exceed your expectations. Our friendly, understanding and receptive front desk staff will undoubtfully leave a lasting first impression when you walk through our doors. We take most insurances and we are open 7 days a week for your convenience. 


At Dmitry Pediatrics we are diligent about providing the most comprehensive physicals. When completing an annual physical with us you should expect a thorough head to toe examination coupled with the following procedures: blood pressure, state of the art hearing test, vision test, blood work, drawn on-site, and urinalysis performed by the on-site automated analyzer. 


In addition, we are equipped with the latest model tympanometer. This device performs quick, precise and discomfort-free tympanograms which assist our providers in properly diagnosing ear-related illnesses.

Dmitry Pediatrics owns a modern precise and quick to use spirometer device which performs an accurate yet rapid spirometry. This  assists the provider greatly with asthma management should your child have a history of asthma.

At Dmitry Pediatrics we take your child's immunization process incredibly seriously as we are fully aware that immunizations often cause fear and anxiety among parents. Therefore we are determined to explain each required vaccine thoroughly. We offer a solid promise to listen to every parental concern. We have brand new state of the art ABS medical-grade vaccine refrigerator and freezer, and our center offers all latest vaccine brands. Dmitry Pediatrics offers combined as well as individual vaccines. We understand that vaccinating your child is a stressful process an we are determined to ease your worries maximally.


There is much more to our wonderful center that you are certain to discover when you see us in person. We can promise this from the bottom of our hearts. Give us a chance, and you won't be disappointed! See you soon at Dmitry Pediatrics!

Anna Shindelman, MD

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Dmitry Shindelman, CPNP

Dmitry Shindelman, founder of Dmitry Pediatrics, is a provider with long experience in primary care pediatrics. He is a graduate of one of the most prestigious NP programs at Hunter College of the City University of New York. His rigorous training included such prestigious centers as NYU, Mount Sinai, Lenox Hill and Bellevue Hospital. He is board-certified in primary care pediatrics. In addition, Dmitry Shindelman is also an expert in burn and wound management. He owns this knowledge to the invaluable 7 year experience working at the legendary Weill Cornell Burn Center. "Dr. Dmitry", as he is tenderly referred to by his patients, thoroughly enjoys taking care of children of all ages as each age group presents unique challenges. He is greatly respected by patients because of his unique personality and excellent medical intuition. In his free time "Dr. Dmitry" enjoys having fun with his two kids, spending quiet time with his wife, playing piano and travel, especially to tropical destinations.

Anna Shindelman has been a devoted pediatrician since 1979. Dr. Anna, as she is known to her patients, graduated with honors from Lvov State Medical School in Ukraine. In the US Dr. Anna completed her residency training at Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center. Immediately following completion of the program she became board-certified and was invited to join a busy primary care pediatric facility. Dr. Anna is adored by her patients because of her warm, approachable personality and sharp medical intelligence. Over many years she has demonstrated herself to be an exceptionally strong diagnostician. In her free time Dr. Anna enjoys cooking, watching movies and taking long road trips. In addition, Dr. Anna is a proud mother and grandmother, and loves spending time with her family. She is very excited to be a part of this incredible family-run "Mother and Son" pediatric center. Dr. Anna has always been a great source of inspiration to her son "Dr. Dmitry" who started the experience of Dmitry Pediatrics.

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